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“Raging Water.” This is a classic song waiting to be hatched. “Nothing like miles of interstate to make me feel so alone…” how many of us have ever felt that? Her inflection and lyrical phrasing, the pacing — impeccable here. Chillingly good. I just knew this tune would be special and it came.”

No Depression


Camela Widad Music @ Driftless Women in Music CD Release Party

Driftless Women in Music CD Release Party, Soldiers Grove, WI

On November 19th, 2022, ten female Driftless singer/songwriters came together at Leo & Leona’s in Bangor, WI and shared songs, stories, and their hearts. The performers for the Driftless Women in Music Event shared a common goal ~ to uplift, encourage, and celebrate the magic of females using their gifts as musicians, singers, and songwriters. It was a goal that was met with a packed house!!

We got together again in January 2023 to record a 14-track album with Bill Fiorella at Lone Pine Records. This is the result of the collaboration work of those ten female musicians, singers, songwriters, and artists of the Driftless. This is an unprecedented
endeavor in our area and we are ever so grateful for your support!

Come celebrate the release of our 2022 Driftless Women in Music CD with 8 of the artists involved in this project! From 6-8pm, we will be in the banquet hall of the Old Oak Inn playing music from these artists. We will have CDs available to purchase and if you already ordered one, it will be waiting for you there! This will be followed by an open mic and jam session until at least 10pm!! Bring your instruments/voices/smiling faces and get ready to have a GREAT time!!!

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